ASP.NET Articles of the Day
Options for Configuring ASP.NET Core Application Settings
Rion Williams introduces the Options framework, which can be used to map your existing JSON settings to simple C# POCO objects that can be easily passed around within your applications.

User Authentication with Angular and ASP.NET Core
Mark Macneil uses JSON Web Tokens for a modern, industry-standard method for token-based authentication in web and mobile apps.

Docker for .NET Developers (Part 2)
In the second part of this series Steve Gordon takes a look at the first dockerfile and builds an image for an ASP.NET Core API service

Internationalization, Globalization, Localization in ASP.NET Core
Khuram Shahzad provides an introduction to localization feature that enable multi-language support ino web applications.

Debugging .Net Core apps inside Docker container with VSCode
Jonathan Channon uses VS Code to debug ASP.NET Core apps inside a Docker container.

Setting up AngularJS2 in VS2015 in MVC5
Mohtisham Zubair sets up Angular2 and runs a project without node.js server.

Beginners Guide on AJAX CRUD Operations in Grid using JQuery DataTables in ASP.NET MVC 5
Ehsan Sajjad helps beginners on how CRUD can implemented in a grid via AJAX using JQuery DataTables

Six Tips For Using Swagger And AutoReset Together In ASP.NET Core Services
Michael Conrad shares a few tips to get nice and clean results using Swagger and AutoReset together in ASP.NET Core MVC based web services/apps.

Feeding Server Timing API from ASP.NET Core
Tomasz Peczek shows how Server Timing API can be used in ASP.NET Core to communicate server performance metrics to the client.

More on ASP.NET Core Running under IIS
Rick Starhl looks at how to set up Impersonation, various performance considerations when dealing with content, and how to separate static and dynamic content and let IIS serve static content for best performance.

Getting Started with Spire.PDF, Spire.PDFViewer Library in ASP.Net
Santhakumar Munuswamy converts and views PDF files using Spire.PDF and Spire.PDFViewer Library in ASP.NET.

Performing CRUD Operation In SPA Using ASP.NET Core And Angular 2
Jignesh Trivedi performs CRUD operations using ASP.NET Core and Angular 2 with EF Core.

ASP.NET Core Correlation IDs
Steve Gordon writes a basic middleware library to enable correlation IDs on ASP.NET Core.

Integrating Microsoft Identity Authorization Into A Menu System
Jonathan Danylko takes a universal menu system built with ASP.NET MVC and applies authorizations to it using Microsoft Identity 2.0.

Exploring GraphQL and using it in ASP.NET Core
Jurgen Gutsch creates a GraphQL endpoint in ASP.NET Core.

How to access WCF Service in ASP.NET Core Application
This article explains how to consume a WCF Service using Visual Studio WCF ConnectedServices Extension in ASP.NET Core

Knockout JS Validations, Without a Plugin and Using a Plugin
Sibeesh implement some basic validations using Knockout.js, both with and without a plugin.

ASP.NET Core Angular 2 EF 1.0.1 Web API Using Template Pack
Syed shows how to create an ASP.NET Core Angular 2 starter application. He uses Template Pack, Entity Framework 1.0.1, and Web API to display data from the database.

Quick summary of what’s new in ASP.NET Core 2.0
ASP.NET Core 2.0 Preview 1 is out and you can start building applications with ASP.NET Core 2.0. This post provides a summary of what's new in ASP.NET Core 2.0.

Docker for .NET Developers (Part 1)
An introduction to Docker for .NET developers exploring some of the key terms and concepts.

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